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Крупнейшей в мире библиотекой является Библиотека Конгресса США, основанная в 1800 году. Она содержит 90 миллионов единиц хранения.

We are happy hereby to present and are inviting you to join our newly opened site which we named “Russian for Everybody”. The site includes studies, educational and methodical manuals, which were prepared by the leading experts of the Russian Friendship University, having vast experience in teaching Russian as Foreign language.

28.08.2014 02:25:35
Ukraine says it's being invaded by Russia, and can you please retweet - Washington Post (blog)
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28.08.2014 01:06:08
FBI Examining Whether Russia Is Tied to JPMorgan Hacking - Bloomberg
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27.08.2014 22:41:35
Russian reporters 'attacked at secret soldier burials' - BBC News
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27.08.2014 21:52:27
From Russia, no love for American brands - Fortune
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27.08.2014 18:53:32
Russia's Economy Close To Recession With Sanctions, Food Import Ban - International Business...
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We welcome you on pages of our site which we named “Russian for Everybody”. This educational site is prepared by the leading experts of the Russian Friendship University having vast experience in teaching Russian as the Foreign language.

We understand that this work because of its volume, can be fully realized only within comparatively long time-period. The whole site is compiled as the reference material on Russian language. Of course it would be much easier for us to present some completed language course (for example “Russian for beginners”). However our experience gives us an opportunity to extend our resources not only to wide circle of students but equally to those teachers who are working in different countries in the departments of Russian language. These teachers do not always have access to new educational supplies and need advice from the native speakers of Russian.

We present information by parts and at the initial stage wish to study the needs for the users of Internet. We expect in the process of work to receive sort of feed-back communication which would enable us to introduce correctives and up-to date educational material.

We bring forward for your attention the Program-Directory on the Russian language for foreigners, which includes description of phonetics, morphological, syntactical systems of the Russian language and intentions. It is particularly meant for the beginning and advanced stages of education. Equally the Program can be used by those teachers, who for the first time intend to start teaching the Russian language for foreigners. Also the students, preparing to obtain diplomas of Russian language teachers of the Russian language, can apply it.

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